LEAN in the LAB:

Increase Productivity, Improve Resource Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Today’s microbiology labs are facing growing workloads and the need to produce results faster than ever before. Labs are looking for new ways to optimize lab processes and provide quicker results; improve quality while ensuring regulatory compliance; and to motivate personnel and provide opportunities for education and training to enhance staff capabilities. This site is dedicated to highlighting how microbiology labs around the country are applying LEAN solutions to their workflows, adopting the latest automation technology and finding ways to do more with less with amazing results, including improved efficiency, streamlined processes, reduced errors, improved turn-around-times and dramatically increased customer satisfaction.

Application of Lean Six Sigma principles has helped clinical, food, and pharmaceutical microbiology laboratories. So welcome and enjoy. In the dozens of case studies, video testimonials, presentations, podcasts and webinars, we hope you learn some of the best practices that are revolutionizing the efficiency of the microbiology lab.