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Lab Managers More Aware of LEAN than Ever Before as a Solution for the Need for Faster Results
The 2011 annual Lab Quality Confab Process Improvement Institute revealed that lab managers—including large, medium and small labs—are keenly aware of the daunting challenges they face and realize the road to success starts with laboratory process improvement.

Majority of Lab Managers Say Their Staffs Work in Constant Crisis Mode
The Performance Solutions suite provides customers with the tools to enable them to do more with less. As financial constraints and a labor shortage collide with a push for faster turn-around times, screening and increased productivity, the bioMérieux Performance Solutions suite of services and products is designed to help the lab to increase throughput, reduce redundant processes, optimize lab information technology, raise clinician satisfaction, reduce errors and re-allocate staff to tests that are growing in complexity.

Lab layout and “It’s the way we’ve always done it” Mentality Harms Productivity, LAB Managers Report
Microbiology lab managers and supervisors surveyed overwhelming agreed on the need for process improvement. Less than 5% surveyed said their lab’s process and design is ideal. 60% said their process and design is imperfect to poor.

Microbiology Labs Stretched to Their Limits, Lab Managers Say
Three-quarters of those surveyed feel their lab’s resources are constantly stretched to their limits. In fact, 80% of those surveyed reported that their staff typically feels very busy to overwhelmed. This is particularly true with labs that employ fewer than 100 FTEs. Nearly half of the managers of these labs reported that their staffs are constantly overwhelmed.

Lab Managers Worry that a Major Public Health Crisis Could Overwhelm Lab Resources
Those surveyed were concerned or very concerned that a significant public health crisis could strain the microbiology lab to the breaking point.

Nearly All Lab Managers Report That Clinicians are Demanding Faster TATs
Regardless of lab size, the vast majority of lab managers are being asked to reduce turnaround-times, decrease errors, reduce the need for repeat testing, and generally improve efficiency. Those surveyed report that the growing problem of antimicrobial pathogens and the pressing need for resistance testing is driving this trend.

Process Improvement, Automation and Training are Key to Provide Round-the-Clock Culture Reading
Most lab managers realize that by performing culture reads in the evening and night shifts, they could dramatically improve their throughput and eliminate the bottleneck of work that greets the day shift every morning.