Automated Wireless Environmental Monitoring

How time-consuming is your monitoring system?

Save your lab time.  Investigate the options to automate your environmental monitoring system today!

Environment Monitoring is an essential but increasingly complex part of regulatory compliance, quality and laboratory safety.

Lab Monitoring Solutions That Make Sense

SEE how the LabGuard system works in this video

Watch this video to see the fruit of 15 years of experience in centralized environmental control. See in action an  extremely powerful  software designed to effectively monitor wirelessly the key parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2…) throughout the lab (fridge, cooler, incubator, storage room, autoclave…). Manual monitoring can be time-consuming and literally have you running around the lab.

  • Monitor the entire lab from a single screen
  • Start with an installation audit with one of our experts
  • Together, we will develop a comprehensive environmental monitoring program adapted to your lab’s specific needs

Your tailor-made solution will integrate wireless probes and relays across your lab, streaming information towards a single computer interface.
User-friendly systems are a must. They should enable you to easily and automatically measure, monitor, record and alert on physical values for:

  • All laboratory elements and areas
  • Sample and reagent transport conditions

Complete traceability and continuous improvement:

  • Our system provides total traceability so you can implement corrective actions before product or sample contamination occurs.

To optimize your result quality, we also help you assess the maintenance of these processes over time.
Seamless service from start to finish:

  • From choice of system through installation, qualification and evaluation

An integrated, wireless monitoring solution:

  • Probes
  • Recorders
  • Software

Expert know-how in an increasingly complex field:

  • Installation audit to define your needs
  • Mapping of the area to be monitored
  • Installation qualification
  • Operational qualification
  • Calibration service
  • Metrology
  • Transport temperature monitoring from sampling to technical platforms

Compliance made easy:

  • EN ISO 15189 - clinical (section 5.2, Accommodation and Environmental Conditions)
  • EN ISO 17025 - industry