Improving Workflow Efficiencies

Are you making the most of your lab?

Do you need a roadmap for optimizing your lab workflow and performance?

Do you think it’s possible to dramatically improve the efficiency of your work and the quality of your results with the resources you already have?

Ideal workflow optimization solutions combine continuous improvement management techniques such as:

  • LEAN Six Sigma
  • Kaizen
  • 5S
  • More

These principles have helped hundreds of labs and can help your lab:

  • Streamline processes to improve lab efficiency and reduce waste
  • Increase productivity to absorb larger workload with improved time to result
  • Reduce costs to help contain lab expenditure or be able to invest in new technology
  • Reallocate staff to more added value tasks

The art of doing more with less often results from necessity: tight budgets, a labor shortage or limitations to physical space. However, it can be done. bioMérieux Performance Solutions understands the art of doing more with less, and this web site is dedicated to showing you how many of your peers have done more than they ever imaged possible…with less.

These testimonials, gathered at the 2011 Lab Quality Confab, reveal that lab managers are worried about burnout, errors, inefficiency, and budgets.

One microbiology lab director from Ontario said the crushing workflow is harming morale and quality. “Keeping staff engaged is one of my three biggest challenges. The others are sustaining improvement and containing costs. In many ways, these are conflicting goals.”

According to one supervisor from a large medical center in Florida, the problem is obvious:
“Our workload is increasing, staff and resources are decreasing, and the demand for reduced turn-around times is growing. Something has to give.”