The following mixed-media and interactive features provide a deeper understanding of the complete bioMérieux Performance Solutions offering and are presented by microbiologists who have gone through the process. The results speak for themselves.

Anne Beall discusses LEAN Lab Analysis, where labs waste precious resources and how to recapture this lost intellectual capital and time and change the image of the lab within your hospital or reference lab.
Jeffrey Seiple discusses the LEAN Lab Analysis his hospital microbiology lab experienced and how LEAN truly never ends: it is an organize on-going process of continual improvement driven not by upper management, but lab technicians and scientists who see where they can improve and are empowered to test different ways to find improvement
Elaine Hinds speaks from the reference lab perspective and discusses the dramatic reduction in turn-around times her lab realized following LEAN Lab analysis and mentoring.
Patrick O’Sullivan discusses significance of workflow audits and optimization through improved results, return on investment and overall efficiency improvement.