Patricia Haist, B.Sc, Corporate Laboratory Manager
"The information provided in the ‘External Audits: Strategies and Approaches to Feeling Proud’ webinar was very practical and helpful to our staff in explaining the audit process and preparing our staff for what to expect during our upcoming ISO 17025 Accreditation audit. For our staff that have never gone through an external audit, the explanations and suggestions were useful in helping to allay apprehension. The webinar helped to identify the importance of the staff’s everyday practices (testing and documentation) in relation to the audit process."


Ana Martins, Lab Manager, ConrolVet, Portugal
"Thanks to TEMPO Workflow Optimization, our lab has gained efficiency (41%), flexibility and helps us to manage daily variable workload. I would really recommend this process as it has allowed us to continuously improve our performance. "


Kate Callnan, Technical Director, Northeast Laboratory Services
“BioMerieux performed a 3 day LEAN Assessment in our small but bustling food microbiology lab. They found many areas that could be improved upon to make the lab run more efficiently. Since the assessment, we have put many new practices into place that have decreased the time it takes to prepare samples for analysis, analyze those samples and decreased wasted walking within the lab. This in turn has increased the workflow and efficiently in many areas of sample prep and analysis. The LEAN assessment opens your eyes to new ideas for a more productive, cost saving work flow that you may have never thought of before. I believed our lab to be efficacious only to be shocked at the amount of areas we needed to work on. I would recommend a LEAN assessment to any lab, large or small, as it immediately improved Northeast Laboratory’s work flow efficiency”